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Build your factory on a distant planet, solo or with friends.

Key Features

First Person, Voxel-World, Crafting, Building, Automation & Logistics





FOUNDRY is set in an infinite voxel-world with various biomes and elevations. You need to drill and dig your way into the ground to find resources and fossile fuels for your ever increasing demands.


Mine ores and build your factory. Automation is key to setup your industrial complex. Mining drones, conveyor belts, pipes and a plenitude of other heavy machinery will help you to accomplish your task.


Get your research labs up and running to unlock new technologies. To fuel your research's demands you need to scale up your production lines and improve your factories's efficiency.


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Alpha Preview 2022

"Foundry" can be played alone or cooperatively with friends. The game does not require an internet connection for single player mode. Multiplayer mode works with internet and local network. There are currently no player limits for multiplayer, but we think it's best played with 2-4 players at the current state and amount of content. General state of multiplayer mode: The game can be completed in multiplayer mode but you have to expect a higher amount of bugs than in single player, almost all bugs should be able to be fixed by saving and re-hosting the game, often it's enough for a client to disconnect and re-join.

Your task is to produce various goods to fuel your research and production requirements. Place mining machinery, conveyor belts, assembly machines and many other machines. You will also need to handle liquids and pipes, your power grid and other logistic challenges.

Every game world is fully procedurally generated and endless towards the north, west, south and east. Every block can be destroyed and new blocks (either terrain or buildings) can be placed to shape the worlds to fit your desires. With upcoming updates the underground world will be greatly enhanced to find essential gameplay content there.

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Early Access

"Foundry" is currently in Alpha Preview, a closed testing phase. Stay tuned!

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You will help us create a better game as early player feedback is crucial for a complex simulation game. Additionally you support us financially so that we can pay our expenses and re-invest in future updates, the success of alpha preview will likely influence the overall scope of the game. We will listen to your feedback and you may influence the development. Also the final version will increase in price and you don’t have to wait for the full release.


Let's Go

Time to start planning your factory!

Still not convinced? Head over to our discord where you can learn more about the game. Get in touch with our community or find out about sneak peaks from our developer team on what's next.