Changelog 0.4.3



  • Added Feedback System to give ingame development feedback by pressing F9
  • Improved terrain visuals with bevels and material blending
  • New Modular Building System for large structures
  • Added Blast Furnaces and related buildings as a new way to produce basic metal goods
  • Added new Pipeline system
  • Added Walkway System
  • Added Customizable Signs
  • Added Concrete and related production line: Decorative blocks which increase walk speed
  • Added Procedural Atmospherics with dynamic cloud system and improved multi-color gradient fog
  • Added a factory foundation texture outline system
  • Conveyor Distributors now have a priority toggle for input and output
  • New endless research: Pumpjack Efficiency
  • Added new sloped drag mode for stairs and conveyor slopes
  • Improved Character Controller: No more getting stuck on certain edge cases
  • Improved QOL for placing/visualizing a variety of buildings: Freight Elevators and Loaders
  • Rail Miner minecarts now visualize which ore they carry
  • Additional models for conveyor slopes, depending on if they have ground support
  • Multiplayer: Added lag-compensation for world decor destruction
  • Loader mode can now be pre-selected before placing via radial menu
  • Basic controller support with virtualized cursor
  • Sunbeam / light shaft effect added to “ultra” quality atmospherics
  • Visual improvements for UI frames and buttons
  • Converted the main menu into a 3D scene
  • Radial menu improved with better spacing on icons, animated display, and a frosted glass appearance
  • Animated placement preview objects and rotations
  • Added new outline placement shader which preserves some texture detail of buildings to help visualize placement
  • Mining laser now produces light and collides with buildings
  • Improved smoke particle visuals which now respect atmospheric lighting
  • Most large smoke particles now collide with objects above
  • Improved input binding screen
  • Improved foliage streaming in/out visuals
  • Added 30 FPS Frame Rate limit for power saving and low end machines
  • Balance Changes
  • New building “Smelter”: Plates and Rods are now created with this machine (was previously Assembler)
  • Renamed Electric Blast Furnace to Induction Smelter

Bug Fixes

  • More consistent smoke wind direction for particles
  • First person geometry no longer collides with world space UI
  • Baked shadow removed from first person drill
  • Fixed visible hole in empty pipes
  • Fixed initial loading stall caused by audio assets
  • Fixed stair-stepped look for ambient shadowed regions
  • Machines with higher base speed now also consume fuel faster
  • Prompt to enter multiplayer name now also opens when hosting a server (previously on on joining a server)
  • Slightly improved factory screen panel text readability


  • C++ Backend Rewrite to allow for megabases
  • Optimized terrain lighting generation
  • Optimized terrain collision mesh generation
  • Optimized terrain streaming
  • Optimized vegetation rendering
  • Optimized screen panel rendering
  • Optimized distant particle effect rendering
  • Optimized factory rendering
  • Optimized large factory load times
  • Optimized gpu texture memory usage
  • Optimized autosave performance
  • Optimized terrain memory usage
  • Optimized factory streaming performance

February 28, 2022


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