Foundry Development Recap, December 2021


We have been sharing a bunch of exciting updates in our Discord over the past month. It has been a real great way for us to get community feedback as we work. I think now is a good time to share a recap of some of the exciting changes coming to version 0.4 we shared on Discord.

Terrain Overhaul

In order to craft a more unique style that was consistent with our factories the terrain system needed to be rewritten. The beveled look shown here softens the look and allows lighting to hit the terrain in a less jarring way. Textures can now spill over the edges, allowing us to do things like having the top grass be visible from the side.


Previously the sky was a blank blue canvas, now it has been filled with dynamically rendered and animated clouds. The atmospherics have had a major impact on immersion.

The clouds look different depending on the time of day.

Mining Laser

The laser mining tool now illuminates the environment, it now also collides with buildings correctly.


A new building system allows you to easily assemble multi-story walkways around your base, with the automatic placement of handrails.

These walkways may even connect to some new larger buildings we are working on! Placeholder and untextured art shown here.

What did you miss by not being on Discord?

We added the ability for players to quickly set the default loader state and added user editable signs. We have plenty of mechanics, art and content changes in the works; to get the latest development updates as they happen join the Foundry Discord today!

December 12, 2021


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